Understanding the Affiliate Funnel and Customer Journeys

In our last blog post, we detailed everything you need to know about choosing the right publisher for your brand. This week, we’re delving a little deeper as we look into understanding the affiliate funnel and your customer’s journey.

To develop a successful publisher strategy, you must understand your target customer. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the journey they go on before purchasing your product. The audience first approach means that you need to consider how relevant an affiliate type is when it comes to reaching customers throughout the said journey.

Affiliate funnel

The affiliate funnel is broken down into four sections: awareness, exploration, action and reactivation. In an ideal world, you’ll utilise a mix of all four of these to generate maximum results.

  • Awareness: the awareness stage of the funnel requires quality content as this is often the first contact consumers may have with your brand.
  • Exploration: the exploration stage refers to the stage at which customers begin to look into your products, deals and offerings more. Whether they search an article, read a review or take to social media, there are many affiliates you can utilise at this stage.
  • Action: the action stage is when shoppers are ready to hit the checkout. At this stage, they’ll often search for discount code or look for a cashback opportunity. This is when publishers such as Voucher Codes, Top Cash Back and Quidco come into play.
  • Reactivation: the reactivation stage targets the customers that didn’t complete their purchase. At this point, key technology partners will optimise and reach maximum conversion levels. For example, they are targeting customers that have abandoned their basket with an offer to encourage conversions.

Now that you understand each stage of the affiliate funnel and its importance to the customer journey: it’s easy to see why you want quality affiliates during the entire process.

Which affiliate type suits each stage of the journey? 

Content affiliates are suited to the awareness and exploration stage of the affiliate funnel. When it comes to the customer journey, high-quality content works to drive new customers. As well as attracting readers who regularly browse content and editorial sites. Furthermore, quality content builds a loyal following and reach an audience with interests that align with your brand.

Closed networks are best suited to the exploration stage of the affiliate funnel. In terms of the customer journey, this will appeal to consumers who regularly browse through any closed networks they’re part of in search for new brands or great offers.

Cashback and loyalty sites come into play during the exploration and action part of the affiliate funnel. These types of sites are most beneficial for customers who are going to make a purchase but shop around for the best offer beforehand. Voucher code sites also work their magic when a customer is at the action stage of an affiliate funnel.

Tech affiliates go hand in hand with the final stage of the affiliate funnel, reactivation. Tech publishers can utilise software that will convert both new and returning customers. They also target shoppers who have abandoned their cart and customers who have already made a purchase and can go on to refer a friend.

Utilising affiliates for each stage of the customer journey 

Now that you understand of the affiliate funnel and how it goes hand in hand with the customer journey. All that’s left is to ensure you’re working with publishers that can maximise results at this stage. Thankfully for you, we’ve covered everything you need to know. From understanding publishers and a guide to creating quality content to content ideas.

If maintaining your affiliate program seems like a task that can’t be managed in house, Converzion Digital is on hand to take care of it for you. Get in touch today to find out more!